Old Schools

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Ghost hunt at Old Hartley Old schools, when they out live the children’s needs often become community centers. School days for most are often described as the happiest of our lives. This is not true for all. Traumatic events in our lives are some time the trigger for imprints of paranormal events of the future. This is the reason old mental hospitals and prisons are such rich sources of paranormal experience and investigation.

As a team of investigators we have visited four old schools in our immediate area, all have their own stories and events. The Old Hartley school has a special interest to us as the mother of a couple of team members attend the school. The area has a very long history of occupation, going back to the stone-age. The coal mining and industrial heritage are all present in the area.

The buildings now for the hub of the local community as a venue of theater, play groups and social events…… and of course paranormal investigation.


Ghost hunt at Old Hartley

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