Struggling to buy a present for that annoying niece or nephew - How about a haunted doll?

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Haunted eBay Doll
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Does that annoying niece or nephew have an upcoming birthday that you are struggling to find a present for?  Then you may have stumbled across just the right thing.

Haunted eBay Doll

Haunted eBay Doll

This doll fortunately, or in some cases unfortunately for the seller has become available again due to non-payment by a bidder.  Maybe the bidder got cold feet?  By reading the description you wouldn’t blame them.  In the item’s title the seller proclaims – “Haunted old doll. Need gone asap. (relist)”.

If you haven’t been put off by the title and make it to the description, the seller elaborates “Since having this doll which is not very long. (u may have seen this listed before not long ago)  We hear odd sounds and my son has been scratched on his face in his sleep. (pic no 3)   He’s started to sleepwalk.  I’ve done evps and caught a child like voice talking back!! My son says I sitting by mum. And someone says bk I sit here and I watch!! I get a very eerie feel from this doll when I first held it I got the shakes.  I don’t want this doll in the house anymore!!  This doll is very old and very worn plz study pics!”

The look alone of the doll is enough to turn anybody off from purchasing it – I mean, who doesn’t get creeped out by hybrid rabbit/human baby doll – but  combined with the reported activity you’d think the seller wouldn’t have bidders banging down their mailbox with offers.

At the time of writing this, the doll had received 19 bids and its price stood at £26.  So if you want to bid for one of Damien from the Omen’s cast off play things, visit Haunted Doll to make an offer.  Maybe, it would make an interesting item to purchase for a study.  Lets hope whatever is there, finds peace at its new home.

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