Harraton Community Centre report

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This is not a evidence (who said what and what happened report.)

This was our first visit to a very local venue for the team.
Harraton community centre formerly Miners welfare hall with reading room games room meeting spaces and large hall


We carried out several activities and used our infrared camera system though out the centre.  The team all reported and atmosphere,  AND A GREAT DESIRE TO RETURN.
Some members of public did get a little anxious to what transpired. This is a great paranormal venue and well worth the visit.

Venue scores.

Location :       Great.  (set away from other buildings , car parking good, off the main road easy access for equipment)
Paranormal.   Good (casper didn’t appear, several team and public took away experiences)
Condition .     Great, (clean and well maintained)
Architecture  Red Brick early 20th century
Origin             Dismantled demolished village … Chartershaugh

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