Gilmerton Cove Report

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Gilmerton Cove Paranormal Investigation
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On 3rd August 2013 7Paranormal Investigation team visited the hidden gem that is Gilmerton Cove.  After a long drive we arrived at the location around 9pm, we had a quick look around, sorted our equipment and began our investigation. We started with a relaxing meditation to strengthen our senses and then followed on with a group calling out session. Almost instantly a little girl was sensed, she was running up to one of our investigators with a big smile on her face in a very playful manner. She was described as having very light coloured hair tied up in 2 ponytails, wearing a tartan skirt and a tight waistcoat kind of top. Her name our investigator sensed was Annie and she was 5-6 years of age. After 10 mins she was joined by a young boy Philip her brother. He had completely opposite characteristics to Annie as he was very quiet and very shy. He was believed to be a similar age to Annie and also affected by some form of disabilty possibly to his leg. Throughout the night we picked up on more children both young and old around us but not in as much detail. Also during this calling out session the sense of hiding was mentioned by a few different people, one described the mask of a Templar Knight who was deliberately hiding but from what or from whom we do not know ! the other just hiding in general but as before from what or whom being unknown, it was like they didn’t want us to know ! also there was a sense of religion being sensed maybe banishment becasuse of religion.

Gilmerton Cove Paranormal Investigation

Gilmerton Cove Paranormal Investigation

As our calling out session was coming to end we started to make our way back upstairs, a few of our team members were curious as to the origin of the building so began knocking and tapping on the walls, jokingly they spoke out loud the words “Come in “ At this point the light above the main entrance door came on for a few seconds and then went off again.

During our ghost box session we heard what we believe was the word “Help” we tried working with this but received no further information. Changing the subject we asked if they could name any person in the room to which we all clearly heard Stephen, Chris and John. Realising this had just named 3 out of 4 of our male investigators we asked it to name the fourth to which it replied Graeme which was exactly right, due to the accuracy of this we asked it to name any of the females but to no avail.

A very strange feeling was felt by one of our investigators, the need to protect ! so much so he followed around a female team member everywhere she went. This is very much out of character for this individual going as far as when he was trying to explain his feelings he actually filled up. Things like this don’t normally happen to him so this came as a bit of a surprise to him. He described the intense need to protect as if he was protecting someone of importance / a leader or even royalty but so intense that his life actually depended on it. He then felt the feeling of failure, he had failed this indvidual in a big way, they were now gone and he took his own life but felt he remained here Whilst he was felling this in a different part of the building several of our investigators said they could see a man lying on the floor in front of them. Could this have been him ???

The various smells that were given to us throughout the night was a strange thing, we had perfume, aftershave, wood, burning, potpourri and bread cooking. These were so strong every one of us could smell them. The smell would dissapear after a minute or so but everytime we asked for another we got it.

During the night one of our investigators was walking through the coves, as she walked she described hearing the words “GET OUT” this startled her a lot but unfortunately no one else heard this… or so we thought ! After reviewing our video recordings and our dictaphone recordings you hear the investigator explaining to us what she had just heard then less than a minute later you clearly hear the words “GET OUT” in a very unfamiliar voice. Also on this recording we can hear a child like voice saying “HI” Could this be Annie ?? and also a voice saying “HELP ME” In our opinion some excellent pieces of evidence. Please visit our you tube channel 7Paranormal1 to listen to these yourself and please let us know your thoughts.

All in all a very eventful evening and definitely a location we would return to only downside is there isnt much history available to compare our findings too. A lot of speculation still surronds Gilmerton Cove.

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