Bus Depot Report

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Bus Depot Investigation
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On Saturday 11th May 2013 7 Paranormal Investigation Team visited The Bus Depot in Heworth.

Bus Depot Investigation

Bus Depot Investigation

Upon arrival we had a quick look around, set up our equipment and commenced with a calling out session. During this session a draught was felt by two of our investigators, footsteps were heard and on two separate occasions a team member commented on seeing something looking at them however both noted that the moment they mentioned it, it moved away.

A few names came up during the evening, Edna, Cheryl, Chantelle, Frankie and John. A few other observations were movement on the back of the bus, flashing lights red and white, the smell of burning and also a sense of someone who is around the busses a lot.

Unfortunately the history we have retrieved is very minimal so we are unable to verify any of our findings. There are two distinct pieces of history attached to the buses in the depot. One tragically took the life of a young girl and another saw an elderly lady pass away. Could they have been one of the names we picked up on? I guess we will never know ….

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