Blyth Battery Paranormal Report December 2010

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Blyth Battery
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Equipment Used

Night Shot Camcorder Emf ViberAlert Camcorders Personal Cameras Digital Thermometer Report 20.15- 20.30 Team Arrived at the Visitor Centre 20.30 Introduction from site staff.

Blyth Battery

Blyth Battery Paranormal Investigation


20.55 – World War II BOP Lorraine has reported taking several photographs but only one has orbs present. Pat is asking if there has ever been an animal associated with this room. She can feel energy around her leg. No temperature shifts, no EMF present when she was standing in the left corner from the doorway. Temperature has now dropped from 15C to 12C in one minute in that corner – but just in that corner. Pat is now in the far right corner and can feel warmth around her leg. Left leg 16C, right 19C and there was a slight movement in the EMF meter readings.

21.04 John is feeling fidgety, upset stomach with a metal taste in his mouth. Chris was feeling cold, until he stood in the left corner and then felt warm. The area in front of Chris – 10C, area behind him – 15C. The other corner has stayed at 10C. It did spike to 17C behind Chris, but this could be the beam from the temp gun hitting the person. John is getting the feeling of moving forwards very quickly towards the sea. Arthur knows what the speed of movement is down to. Arthur has asked if anyone can taste salt – john can just taste metal still, like blood. As soon as he walked into the room, his stomach dropped, and then he got the taste.

21.14 Chris keeps getting the name Gerry. John and Norman think this could be for Germans. Norman and Pat feel like they are standing in water. Described as a very cold feeling, up to Norman’s mid calf’s and Pat’s knees. Pat feels like there is someone stood behind them. Lorraine feels like the building is on a slant towards the sea. Pat can smell aftershave. When Pat moved, there was a draft in her face then it quickly went, as though there was someone behind her when she turned. John is stood on top of the left corner concrete block. Mel doesn’t like it, he shouldn’t be there and she is waiting for something to happen. The dog that Pat sensed is a red setter.

21.28 John and Pat are stood against the white wall, near the door and Mel C couldn’t see Pat but could see John. They are both wearing black. There is an orb appearing in front of Pat in several photos taken by different team members. They are now holding hands. Pat feels like she is being pushed from behind. John is feeling extremely cold now. Chris can’t pick them up on his camera, with the flash on. Pat feels like someone is trying to superimpose themselves on her. Whoever is behind Pat has a gammy leg. John has had to move because he can’t keep his balance. Stephen has now taken john’s place next to Pat. Most of the energy that was there moved when john did, but it’s not quite gone. Pat is trying to draw it back. Mel H is stood on the concrete block but she feels like she is going to topple backwards, out of the window. Pat is being pushed again in the back and Stephen can feel something too. Pat can feel the cold again but Stephen can’t. Stephen can now really feel a push in the back, he nearly fell over. Right hand side of Pat is freezing cold. They have both just nearly fallen over. Stephen can’t pinpoint exactly where he is being pushed in the back, it’s just there. Temp 2C higher behind them compared to the rest of the room. Pat thinks they don’t want them to stand against the wall.

21.38 Pat needs to move away now, her leg is starting to give way, Stephen has moved too. John has asked Mel H to stay in the corner because he can see someone next to her (25 years old). Window frame since 1947; the glass, 2 years ago. Chris has the name Hernandez (surname). 21.41 Leaving building.

BREAK TIME 21.41-22.23 Break Taken Team returned to Visitor Centre where the ViberAlert had been set up with a video camera to record any activity 22.23 Shelter building Team photos taken 22.40 Starting to investigate. Norman feels warm compared to earlier. Chris doesn’t feel anything in here, especially compared to the last time we investigated this room with a different team. Mel C is calling out. All of a sudden, Arthur has gone cold on his left side. Pat is now calling out. Mel and Pat both heard a click from the ceiling. We think the noise was just the building settling. Arthur saw a green light above Mel C’s head. Pat then saw a blue one.

22.54 Pat can feel something down the left side of her face, and she experienced some trouble breathing. John was picking up little things in the corridor so he moved into the main room to try and bring it through. Pat is still calling out. 23.01 Pat feels like someone is sitting on her knee. Arthur keeps seeing a man with an apron on, tied high at the waist. He looks like a butcher. He has the protective sleeves and a white shirt with no collar. When Norman first came into the room, he could hear the tick of a pendulum clock, not just a ticking. He has moved around the room and can’t hear it anymore. John – there is one missing, to do with the number 7 and the number 8.

Given to him by his guide and it’s to do with the star. Nicolle felt sick and she had the same vision of the same man as Arthur, even down to his wax moustache when they compared descriptions 23.17 Live Ammo room Everyone has been taking photos. No one is feeling very much in here. There was one unexplained noise from a glass display case. Mel C called out but nothing else happened.

DE-BRIEF 00.05 Debrief Arthur has worked at the Blyth Gun Battery for a lot of years and is very familiar with the history. The World War II BOP room was built in 1940. After World War II, in 1948 until 2007, it became the headquarters for the Blythe Lifeguards & swimming club. This could explain John feeling as though he wanted to run to the sea, along with Pat and Norman feeling like they were standing in water. They used to train people aged 12+. The captain of the lifeguards back in the 1950’s had a red setter dog called Gerry!! He used to help with rescues along the beach. The wall where Pat, John and Stephen felt like they were being pushed used to have seats against it. The wall had a massive montage of photos on it, dating right back to 1948. Arthur himself has felt like he was being pushed from that wall several times. In 1986 a 15 year old girl tragically died, she was part of the swimming & lifeguard club. This could be the young girl that John saw with Mel H. In 1978, the council put a divider in the room and condemned the side of the building where Mel H didn’t want John to stand. All of the steel has since been replaced.

A lot of things have happened in that building over the years so the next time, there could be very different energies in there. November 2007 is when the Lifeguards had to leave by, as the works were being done in 2008 (March). These two dates were given to Arthur by John. The lady who fell ended up severely disabled due to her fall in 1981. She died a couple of years later. Arthur can confirm she was climbing the ladders that were installed on the side of the building at the time of her fall. It is probably the most used building on the site; it was even used as a store room when one half of the building was condemned. When we were walking from the BOP, john picked up on prisoners and the path they walked from the beach. Arthur can confirm that john gave him this information and can confirm that john was spot on with the route. There is only one recorded incident where a bomber was shot down and there was three survivors. They were marched up the beach to metal steps, which are not there now, exactly where John pointed out to Arthur. Not much else to confirm for the other rooms we investigated tonight.

Arthur was very surprised by what the team has come up with tonight, and very pleased for us. We have had a very interesting night for our first investigation, and this location is defiantly worth visiting again.

Thank you to Arthur for his hospitality.

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